Good afternoon! My name is Dorothee Truchot. Welcome on my website!

I still remember moments of my childhood when as a little girl I was walking along the corridors of my father’s publishing house in Paris. I remember myself carefree jumping from tile to tile and deep deep inside aiming to have my own business when I grow up too. What business? I didn’t know yet.

I didn’t know that when the right time comes – I’ll fly to Russia to practice Russian language. At that time I discovered a high value and depth of Russian people. I was dreaming to understand the famous “enigmatic Russian soul” I read about only in books.

I was so inspired by the experience I got there, that I decided to become a “bridge” for foreign guests in France. I started helping upper class visitors in organizing their holiday in Paris, San Tropez and Courchevel. I was assisting in solving problems like: contacting estate owners, organising concierge services, etc. Also I was helping non-French guests in buying and selling properties.

Later on I met one successful businessman in France, he specialized in mass media and luxury property trade. He helped me to understand that my mission is to be an entrepreneur. So I decided to expand a small project I was doing at that time to a real estate agency. I approached the idea quite thoughtfully and got a Diploma in International Trade at Paris universities INALCO and Paris-Dauphine. I studied real estate management, read a lot of books, actively did networking with the industry specialists. And eventually got a license to work with real estate.

All consultations and services have been created for non French residents. We choose a right package individually for each client. We analyze your goals: moving to France, have a vacation or property investment.

We are not just another agency, that arranges properties selling or renting. We are a great team that uses a whole system of effective tools and provide a high level of service. We do our job so that you can find your dream house for living or holiday or find the best property investment option.

Our agency Rendez-Vous Luxe – a recipe for your success in France and reliable guide to the elite real estate world!