The Investment for Millionaires package is for those who would like to buy, sell or invest into French property. It could be buying/selling your own property, commercial property, buying property for rent, real estate developers, apartment/ house/ villa/ chalet for sale.


Buying and selling commercial property

Buying and selling your own property

Buying property for rent

Real estate developers

Apartment or house for sale

Villa/ chalet for sale

Stages of cooperation

1. Setting your goals.2. Finding out what kind of property you would like.3. Understanding your budget and desired profit.4. Talk through all the technical questions.5. Discuss all the important project steps.

After you decide to work with us we sign:

+ Confidentiality Agreement+ Contract+ French “Mandat“ Agreement 

What would you get?

  • Сотрудничество с другими агентами и соответсвенно комиссии делятся на две
  • Отчет движений доступный в любом моменте
  • Консультация раз в неделю
  • Неограниченное предложения проектов


What will you get?

  • Private consultation to set goals and do strategic planning
  • Work plan
  • Real estate commission negotiation
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Project report two times a month
  • Answers to all your questions
  • Consultation one time a week (if required)
  • Personal assistance from the begging till end of the contract
  • Unlimited amount of investment offers


For those who want to stop losing money from passive house expenses and turning their real estate in to a money making asset.

For those who want to increase liquidity to be able to finance other more profitable projects or to start making passive income.

For those who are looking for property investment options.

For those who need more information to do Strategic Planning.

The price includes all the contacts off local specialists: lawyers, financiers, accountants and tax advisors.